But You Didnt’ Say Goodbye!

Evidential Mediumship Focusing on:

Suicide, Overdose, and Traumatic Death

Spirit Guide Reading

Spiritual Hospice Comfort

Wendy Reardon, Evidential Medium

A reading with me is a very intense, spiritual experience that will have a deep emotional impact on you and you will need time alone to process the information afterwards.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted psychic reading with friends to see your future and who you’re going to marry and how many kids you’ll have, a local psychic, tarot, tea leaf, or palm reader would probably be a better choice for you.

Not All Who Have Passed Are Healed.

Communication from you is often what your Loved One needs to help heal their earthly trauma and provide closure…so that you can all move forward in Peace.


Spirit Communication

Whether your Loved One passed naturally or traumatically, you will receive validating evidence that their Spirit is still very much alive.

Spirit Guide Reading

Your Spirit Guides will channel through to give you life advice, validate deep inner feelings and questions, and/or let you know someone’s true intentions.


Your Loved One in hospice can communicate with those who have passed so that they aren’t afraid when their time comes, but excited to start their new journey!


Her reading was intense and as a result I left with a lot of specific things and details I needed validation on. Sometimes in our lives, when we are driving and begin questioning our choices and decisions of what brought us to this point and or location. It’s that experience of needing clarity is what Wendy truly brings to the table.

James Mcknight

My friend and I went to Wendy to get some answers and healing and we left with both. She’s the real deal. She’s so kind, welcoming, very thorough and does not rush. I’ve already recommended her to several people who plan on booking a reading with her, and I know I will be a repeat client.

— Pauline Janson

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Located at 1007 O’Shaughnessy Ave #B, Huntsville, Alabama 35801

Readings are done in-person at my location or via phone, Facetime, Facebook Messenger Video, or Google Duo.