Readings at Butterfly!

Ok, soooo I’m not so great with keeping up with the blog thingee, but I’ve been doing readings continuously via phone, and spontaneous quick readings for some of the customers on the Arsenal where I work.

Anyhooters, I’ll be doing readings in person at Butterfly, which is a new age store located in the log cabin next to the Limestone Flea Market on Rt. 72 in Madison Alabama.

Come down for a meet and greet this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 12noon-5 and drop your card in the bowl for a drawing for a Free One Hour Reading. I’ll also be doing very quick, under 3 minutes, non-private readings for free for anyone who stops by, so come down and see me and the AMAZING stones, gems, jewelry at Practical Magick!

Anddd…Carolyn of Angel Light Readings is always there for Angel Light Readings. She gave me one the other and no lie I could FEEL the energy enter the room as she began. She helped me through some stuck issues I’ve had for years and at the end of the session, the pointed pain in my left mid-back WAS GONE. Seriously. I was like, OMG, that’s been hurting for two weeks!

To book an Angel Light Reading at Butterfly, call 256-325-1908.

To book me for an hour or half hour reading at Butterfly, call 256-325-1908.

Located in the Log Cabin next to the Limestone Flea Market
Route 72 Madison, Alabama
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