Here are a list of Do’s and Don’ts to prepare you for your reading with me:


  • Be open to mediumship and come with an open mind. If you don’t believe in mediums or that people have this gift, that will be a huge block to me and the reading will be difficult.
  • Bring a list of questions written down so you can remember what you’d like to ask.
  • Bring a family tree written out that could include close friends of the family, dating back to as far as anyone can remember. Also uncles, sisters, cousins, grandparents, grandparent’s siblings, animals, etc.
  • Bring a notepad to record what I say, as you may want to refer to things later.
  • Charge your phone or recording device if you wish to record me (and make sure there’s plenty of memory!) with a voice recorder or video recorder.
  • When I ask you a question, answer loudly and clearly, as I will be ‘zoning out’ and cannot break the channeling by looking up or looking at you or anyone.
  •  Speak to the Spirits beforehand, and let them know you’re coming to see me and that you would be HONORED if they were to come through and speak to you.
  • Realize that Spirits and Spirit Guides have a sense of humor and will use it!
  • Realize that generally Spirits don’t change personalities when they pass. If they’re a jerk here, they most likely will still be a jerk on the Other Side. However, sometimes they will realize that they weren’t the nicest of people and let you know that they know that now.
  • Think HAPPY thoughts on your way in to see me or before our call (see the effects of humor below) Have a cookie, have some ice cream, laugh, share good memories of the person you’re hoping to speak to, kid around, be silly, read one of The Far Side books by Gary Larson (one panel comics that are INCREDIBLY FUNNY!).  The lighter your mood, the easier for them to come through (but don’t be upset if you can’t get into a ‘light’ mood, it’s okay!)
  • Relax!


  • Don’t come EXPECTING a full-on conversation with your loved one. We communicated mostly with symbols and feelings.
  • Don’t come with a suspicious, cocky attitude like “Yeah, let’s see if she’s for real!” Of COURSE I understand you will have doubts, and you should, but just try to be open to whatever or whoever comes through.
  • Don’t try to test me. First, that’s super annoying, and second, if you ask me a question like “What was his favorite toy when he was little?” or “I prayed to him to say a specific word to you, what is it?” then you will bring out my EGO. The Ego is me, Wendy, and if you ask me a question that you already know the answer to, my ego will come into play and I will worry if I don’t get it right, and I will doubt my ability and the channel that I’ve established with the Other Side will be tainted. If the Spirit TELLS OR SHOWS me a particular word or a toy, or whatever, great. Basically–Let the Spirit do the talking!
  • Be Late. You’re paying for my time and skill, and oftentimes I have bookings with only 15 minutes or so to recharge my energy between them-so your allotted time is YOUR time, and I usually can’t go over time.
  • Do NOT be drunk or high. If I smell alcohol or marijuana for an in-person reading or you’re slurring your words or being incoherent on the phone or video, your reading is forfeited and you DO NOT get a refund. This is because you will not be in your right mind, even with just a little buzz. And if you’re not in your right mind, how you react will to certain things will be thrown off. You need to have a CLEAR HEAD!
  • Do Not Be Afraid! Spirits cannot hurt you, and before I start each reading I begin with a prayer to the Arc Angels Michael, Gabriel, and Rafael, Jesus Christ, My Spirit Guides, Your Spirit Guides, and the Guides of the Deceased that ONLY SPIRITS OF THE LIGHT can enter. Besides, I’m wayyyyyy to Catholic for any negative spirits!
  • Do not worry about what religion you are or what religion I am. Earthly religion plays no part in the Communication. We are all just souls, here and there.
  • Don’t worry that your deceased does not speak English. It’s all telepathy, there is no established ‘language’ when channeling.


Humor is so important to the Soul! Spirit Guides have a sense of humor. Laughter raises our vibrations and the higher the vibrations, the easier it is for Spirits and Spirit Guides to communicate.

Prior to your reading with me, briefly focus on something that makes you smile or laugh. By doing so you will raise our energetic vibration.