Evidential Mediumship vs. Psychics

I am an Evidential Medium,

NOT a Psychic!

There are very important differences between the two, and here they are:

Mediums read messages from the Afterlife and/or Spirit Guides, and Psychics tell your future.  

Some mediums are psychics, and some psychics are mediums, HOWEVER, I am an evidential medium, not a psychic. Although many things I’ve said to clients have indeed come true, some have not. No psychic or medium is going to be 100% right all the time, but when you come to me I want to make sure you understand specifically what my Gifts are.


Location 4428 Torrance Drive #5, Huntsville, AL 35816 Phone (617) 824-0349 E-mail Wendy@ButYouDidntSayGoodbye.com Hours Vary-EMAIL and TEXT are the BEST methods of contacting me. To schedule a reading, go to our Schedule a Reading page.
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