About Me

Just a brief history…

My name is Wendy Reardon and I grew up in Hanover, MA, got my BA in Professional Writing from Emerson College, moved to Los Angeles and was a Production Assistant on Batman: The Animated Series and Animaniacs, then went to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons as a Development Assistant.

During this time I wrote nine produced episodes of such shows as Cow and Chicken, Transformers: Beast Wars, Savage Dragon, and Action Man, butttt…I wasn’t getting a lot of work writing animation so I enrolled in the University of Reading, U.K. where I earned my Masters in Medieval History (useful in the real world).

Deaths CoverWhen I returned back to Massachusetts, I gave an academic paper on the death of Pope Boniface VIII (who, of course as you all know, died in 1303) at the International Congress for Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, MI, where I met my future editor at McFarland Publishers.

I pitched the idea of a book on just the DEATHS of the popes, and after submitting several sample chapters to them I received a contract for my book The Deaths of the Popes: Comprehensive Accounts Including Funerals, Burial Places, and Epitaphs which was published in 2004.

I then opened a dance studio in Quincy, MA, which has kept me SUPER busy over the past 16 years, although I never lost my true passion which is the history of the popes, tombs, epitaphs, symbolism, and just general death studies (I even was invited to give a Deaths of the Popes Tour in Rome, which I did-and let me tell you–if you ever want to lose weight, just pay my airfare and throw me scraps of food and I will give you the best and funniest tour of papal Rome EVER! And, because we’d be so busy dashing from one dead pope to the next, you’d lose a TON of weight. When I was there giving the tour I lost eleven pounds in ten days!).

But I digress.

The studio in Quincy is where I first saw spirit orbs flying around on camera, and I’ve used all kinds of different cameras and have literally THOUSANDS of clips of them (which I will add on this page soon). 

I would talk to them like they were my best friends (owning a business can also be very lonely and I was single, so beggars can’t be choosers, and I was happy to have them to talk to/admire me, dead OR alive).

After three years I moved the studio to 364 Boylston Street in downtown Boston, directly across from the Boston Public Garden, where I got TONS more videos of the spirts, as did my clients. 

But I was skeptical of course–every little thing that flew by in a video I DID NOT consider to be a spirit, it had to stop mid-air and go another direction, or hover, or physically go AROUND me or other objects for me to consider it something with intelligence.

That’s when the mediumship started. I never tried, it just began happening with my students. I’d get an OVERWHELMING urge to tell them about a grandparent that passed and what the grandparent was trying to tell them, etc. I HAD to tell my students if I got these feelings because somehow I knew it was my obligation to tell them.

These feelings continued to come more often and even I was incredibly surprised at the accuracy of the readings.

It took about three years for me to get up the confidence to call myself a medium, and now, in 2019, about eight years after this all started happening, I’m finally decided to really focus on my Gift and using it to help others.

Because seriously, that’s what life is all about.

Helping others and making them feel good.

I closed my dance studio in December of 2018 so I could focus full-time on my Mediumship Gift. Then….I moved to Huntsville Alabama in January of 2019 with my best friend and am busy setting up an office to do readings.   

Although I don’t know why God chose me, a nobody, to honor with this incredible Gift, I thank Him EVERY DAY because doing readings is what TRULY makes me happy.

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