My Mediumship History

(I’m still working on this page as of 7/18/18, so it’s in rough draft form and will have pix, FYI)


First, I never tried to be a Medium.

It just started happening around 2011 when I was 40.

I think the VERY first time it happened was when my dad was visiting me from Arizona. We were over in the Cambridge Military Cemetery looking for his dad, Grampa John (who died when I was like one year old). I closed my eyes and asked Grampa John to tell me where is grave was. I got a feeling and went to that area, although Dad was convinced it was in another area of the cemetery. Who do you think was right? Yup, me!

Then on the way home Dad was telling me about how Grampa John used to take he and his brothers to the Charles River and sail little toy sailboats, and he said, “I wonder if he knows Alice is dead.” Alice, of course, being Dad’s mom who had just passed. I knew Grammy Alice and Grampa John were divorced, but I didn’t know anything else about their relationship…until Grampa John started talking through me.

I said to Dad, “He acknowledged her, but that was it. He wants nothing to do with her. It was like, Yah, Hi, and he walked away, like he’s pissed off at her.” Dad then told me that they got divorced when he came back from World War II because she had cheated on him, so of course he would be annoyed with her.

I *think* that was the first time I felt and said something like that.

Ghostly History Related to My Mediumship?

I think the ghostly history of my Pole Dancing Studio, Gypsy Rose Dancing, may also have played a part in my subconscious ability to communicate with Spirits (and yes, I realize that my history of having been a stripper and owning a Pole Dancing Studio somehow makes my Mediumship Gift seem not as serious or real as it is, but I am convinced that the studio is what made it possible for me to be the Medium that I am today. Now that I look back, I think that I was destined to be a Medium and having the Pole Studio was a major phase in that development. It’s funny how life turns out. I went to Los Angeles to work in Animation, and I did, but got laid off. From there I became a stripper at a bikini bar, then a stripper while I was going to the University of Reading in the U.K. for my Masters in Medieval History. Came back home and stripped again in Rhode Island, then taught Exotic Dance at an Adult Education School. From there, opened my own Pole Dancing Studio and two years in started seeing “ghosts” or “spirits” at my studio. Moved the studio from Quincy, MA to downtown Boston, and got thousands more videos and pictures of spirits. Being open to these Spirits and talking to them when I was at the studio somehow opened communication for me with other Spirits and Spirit Guides, which ultimately resulted in my becoming a Medium.

I would get incredible overwhelming feelings when I was teaching, like someone’s grandmother was coming through and I would describe her and say things to the client that they had been thinking about recently.

Of course I was always afraid it was my imagination but what I said was so accurate and mind-blowing to them (and me!) that I learned to trust these feelings, although it would be a few years before I’d be confident enough to call myself a Medium.

I’ve never taken any classes and I don’t have any fancy certifications claiming that I’m the real thing, nor do I use Tarot cards, pendulums, or any other psychic tool–it’s just lil’ ole’ me.

Please understand that my Abilities are made possible through God (or the Universe, Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah…whatever you want to call the Supreme Energy)–IT IS NOT ME AT ALL, I am just a little earthly shmuck that God chose to be use as a Heavenly Cell Phone. And I thank Him EVERY day for this Gift.

Thing is though, I can’t read for myself because I know too much about myself and which way I’d want an answer to go.

Therefore the Gift is for others–not me.

I do get my Grandmother for my mom quite a bit–if Mom needs to know something or is going somewhere and Gram will be with her (Spirits LOVE to travel with us. Sure they can go to these places on their own, but from what I understand they ‘get off’, if you will, on our energy having fun and our excitement about learning something or going somewhere new).

I think Spirits and Spirit Guides come through so frequently at my studio because everyone is laughing and having a good time, so their Energy Vibration is highly elevated and easier for those with messages to come through. And they sure can be whiney little buggers too! It’s like they keep tapping me on the shoulder like, “Come on, come on, I have stuff to tell her, come onnnnnnnnn….” So I have to stop the class and tell the person whatever it is that the Spirit Guide or deceased love one has to say.

(more to come/pix/editing too)



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