Why Mediums Charge Money

If  this is a Gift from God, why Do Psychics and Mediums charge money?

Here is the answer to that question written by an amazing psychic Medium Karen Anderson (www.Karenanderson.net):

I received an email the other day asking me for a free reading.

The person stated that since we (psychics & mediums) are using our God-given gifts to supposedly “help people” that our readings should be free. They also asked why the fees range from some psychics charging only $25 per reading and others charging $200, $300 or $500+ for a reading.

It is a very good question…One I gave a lot of thought to before answering

At first, I got angry and I wanted to fire back at this person for asking me to do a free reading. Then I caught myself and realized that this person may not have a clue as to how much effort and energy I put into my work, my marketing, and my business. So I took a deep breath as I typed out my reply.

Is it wrong to charge for doing spiritual work?

I believe that anyone using a God-given talent such as psychic abilities, musical skills or athletic talent has a right to charge for their natural, spiritual gifts. No one questions professional athletes, popular musicians, rock stars, or actors for charging for their work. So why is charging for psychic work any different? We are providing a service, a healing, or life-changing message to improve the lives of our clients and we deserve to be paid for our time, effort and energy that we expend.

We have mortgages, car payments, insurance, and groceries just like everyone else.

What many people don’t realize is how much energy it takes to give readings. We expend a lot of energy and time as we prepare for a reading and open ourselves to receive information. Before you call in for your appointment, I have already been tuning into your energy, your pet’s energy or your loved one’s energy obtaining information and details to share during your session. Because of this, your 30-minute session has actually taken 60+ minutes for me. This work can be very draining and if we are not careful, we can actually lower our immunity, become sick, overwhelmed and cause our quality of work to deteriorate. (I tune in for about 15 minutes before your reading, or even sometimes the night before. –Wendy)

There is a fine line of balance we must keep in order to stay happy, healthy and attentive to our families and loved ones.

Professional psychics/mediums also have to market themselves which costs a lot of money. We cannot help others if no one knows that we exist. We must pay for computer equipment, telephones, phone service, email service providers, scheduling software, credit card fees, just like any other business. 

There are also other operating expenses such as hiring assistants to help with scheduling, phone calls, emails, ordering, and all the other business essentials which all costs a lot of money, which in turn we have to earn back through our fees. When you subtract all of these expenses and taxes the actual amount that I net has been considerably whittled down.

Great psychic/mediums come in all shapes, sizes, colors and fee ranges. One is not necessarily better than the other. It is your personal choice and one only you can make. Finding the right psychic/medium to work with can be a challenge and much like finding the right hair stylist or the right doctor to go to, sometimes you have to shop around until you find someone you resonate with.

Karen Anderson is an award-winning Animal Communicator & Medium and an international award-winning and bestselling author of ‘The Amazing Afterlife of Animals’ and ‘Hear All Creatures’. Learn how to communicate with your pets from Karen’s online course or private mentoring. Karen offers consultations for pets and departed humans and loves to share her knowledge and experience with others. Karen makes her home in the inland Pacific Northwest on a farm with her husband and the animals she loves. www.KarenAnderson.net

I’ve personally used Karen many times to speak with my dear departed pets! At one of the first readings she detailed my four pets and their VERY different personalities, and even told me that my Blueberry said that I called her a “booger”, which I did. I about fell off the chair! Karen is the ABSOLUTE BEST ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR IN THE WORLD!

I also did a regular psychic reading with her, and the things she told me came true. She is absolutely an amazing psychic medium and an extremely loving, gentle soul. –Wendy



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