A reading with me is a very intense, spiritual experience that will have a deep emotional impact on you and you will need time alone to process the information afterwards.

If you are looking for a fun, lighthearted psychic reading with friends to see your future and who you’re going to marry and how many kids you’ll have, I would suggest going to a local psychic, tarot, tea-leaf, or palm reader.


  1. Communication with Loved Ones

Whether your Loved One passed peacefully or traumatically, I will ask them to come forward to speak with us. Most often I will speak in the first person as they channel through me, sharing their feelings and answering questions you may have such as:

-Are you okay?

-Where are you?

-Who are you with?

-Are you watching over me (or family)?

-Do you know that I love you?

-Are you mad that I wasn’t there when you passed?

-Did you like your funeral?

-Why haven’t you shown me a sign that you’re ok?

-Was it you that flickered the lights?


 If your Loved One took their own life on purpose or by accident (such as an overdose), a reading will help you understand why, as well as help you accept the situation, relieve guilty feelings, find closure, and begin to heal. You can find the answers to the tough questions, like:

-Why did you do it?

-Are you angry at me?

-Was it an accident?

-Could I have done more?

-Do you know how much I love you?

2. Spirit Guide Reading

Your Spirit Guides always want to help you but the thing is, you have to ask them! That confirms your faith in them and their ability to help you. Guides WANT you to succeed and be happy and they’re standing by just waiting to hear from you.

They channel through me and make an appearance in almost every reading whether you ask for them or not (nosy things they are…and they swear like sailors! They’ve got great senses of humor and tell it like it is).

They will answer questions such as:

-What’s my purpose?

-Am I making the right decision?

-Why do I feel so empty?

-Should I stay with my partner?

-Is my friend honest?

-Am I psychic?

-How can I deal with this problem person?

-Is there really a God?

-What happens when I die?

-Why do I feel cursed?

-Why am I so alone?

Your Guides often will bring up things that you’ve thought about but not told anyone, or issues that you don’t even want to face yourself but the most important thing they do is validate what you are already feeling or already know deep down. To have the Guides validate your feelings is like having a friend support you when you doubt yourself-so you know you’re making the right, or wrong, decision.