I am an Evidential Medium, which means I can receive messages from Loved Ones and Spirit Guides, as well as read the energy of living people (to determine their true intentions).

Many, many clients have reported feeling “lighter” and “better about their situation” after sitting with me due to the Spiritual Energy exchanged through me from their Guides and Loved Ones.

All Readings can contain messages from both Loved ones and Spirit Guides, therefore when you have a reading with me it’s not a definite ONE or the OTHER. It is whoever needs to come through and give you the messages that you need to hear.

Loved Ones
Although I can connect with any Spirit in the Light (and those who are not quite there yet), I particularly connect well with those who passed by Suicide, Overdose, or Sudden Deaths–and am able to feel whether they have passed into the Light or have not (if they have not I can tell you why, as well advise you on how to help them into the Light). Those readings are to give closure to the living AND the dead.


Spirit Guides
Your Spirit Guides can also channel through me to advise your Life Direction, or for any advice you seek (or don’t seek-believe me if they’ve got something to say, they’ll let you know. They’re downright naggy buggers sometimes!). They offer comfort to you and will let you know if you’re on your right path and if not, how to get there and they also help me to read the energies of living people to determine their true intentions toward you.

Hospice Help
For those in hospice to have questions about the Other Side (no matter what Faith you are or are not), I can help you understand your transition with humor, love, and of course messages from your Guides and Loved Ones who have gone before you. I am also emotionally objective, therefore we can discuss sensitive subjects about your life and passing that may make friends and family members uncomfortable. NO CHARGE FOR HOSPICE READINGS.

Location 4428 Torrance Drive #5, Huntsville, AL 35816 Phone (617) 824-0349 E-mail Hours Vary-EMAIL and TEXT are the BEST methods of contacting me. To schedule a reading, go to our Schedule a Reading page.
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