I’m still collecting these to put here, but in the meantime if I’ve done a reading for you, feel free to post about it. Thanks! –Wendy

In the meantime, here are a few from Yelp.com. These reviews are primarily about my pole dancing studio, but they mention the readings so I cropped out the studio review part so you can just see the Mediumship Reviews:


H M.
  • H M.
  • Allston, Allston, MA
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  • 1 review
5.0 star rating


This review is for a psychic reading that Wendy did for me. Immediately when I met Wendy I could feel so much kindness radiating from her, she is a truly sweet and amazing individual. During the reading she revealed details about my friends and family that she couldn’t possibly have known considering she knew nothing about me prior. She gave me very specific predictions about events that will occur at a certain time and I’m so excited! She also answered a lot of my burning questions about metaphysics which really blew my mind and gave me a new perspective, and I felt extremely privileged to hear. I have new found hope in life and this was one of the most magical moments of my life! I’m gonna tell all my friends to go see her too.


  • Boston, MA
  • 1 friend
  • 71 reviews
  • 4 photos
5.0 star rating

Wendy is also a medium and spoke to me several times; it was kind of eerie as to how accurate things she told me were, especially down the the EXACT name of a guy I cut out of my life, BUT eye opening at the same time. I had a few things on my mind and she touched on them with such accuracy. If you attend a class – don’t be afraid!

  • Giang V.
  • Natick, MA
  • 3 friends
  • 5 reviews
5.0 star rating


This review is for Wendy as a medium and not for her pole dancing class since I have not taken any. It was the first time I had a reading and I was blown away. I’m not religious but I have always believed in the spirit world. With pretty much no information from me, Wendy was able to give me a very detailed reading, she (or whoever was talking through her) knew immediately that my parents’ well-being was my top concern in my mind and it was what I wanted to ask first, so they addressed it without me even verbally asking! Then my sister was next, that blew me away when she asked me about the symbol that my sister has had for many years, it took me a few minutes to remember that symbol represents my sister! And when I got to hear my grandfather who passed away a few years ago right before I was able to come see him, the message that he told me (through her) was the same message that he always taught me when I was little and living with him, it was such a relief to know he is well and happy in the other world. I miss him dearly, sometimes I still see him in my dream.

Wendy – when I re-listened to our session today, to the part where you asked me about a gathering this past couple days, I don’t know why I forgot about it, but the night before our session, I went to a house party where I sang karaoke with friends (people I didn’t know other than my sister and her boyfriend) for hours, I love singing and have not done that for a very long time. I used to sing all the time when I was little, you kept asking me about that gathering because he was there with me and I couldn’t remember to tell you (I think I was overwhelmed with all the emotions). He was there to hear me sing.

Thank you for our session, I know it takes a lot out of you with all the messages that you brought to me. I really needed to hear them.

  • Michaela C.
  • Rehoboth, MA
  • 3 friends
  • 12 reviews
  • 4 photos
5.0 star rating


Wendy is fantastic! Just took a class for my bachelorette party and we all had a blast! Wendy is also a medium and did a reading for a few of my girls that was so accurate. We didn’t stop talking about the class all night!

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