Why Such a Sad Focus?

Why Focus on the Sadness of Suicides, Overdoses, and Sudden Deaths?

A lot of people (including myself) have asked me that question, and although I can communicate with Spirit Guides and anyone in the Afterlife (if they choose to come forward when asked) regardless of how they passed, I’m choosing to focus on these kinds of deaths for several reasons.

First is that they come through so very easily to me, and channeling for them to their loved ones is helping them understand their loss. I feel COMPELLED to make this my focus because my Spirit Guides have slowly guided me through the years to this point.

0151db5d5953032c029871bfa9dd691f398a89c516How, you ask? I can relate to those who have taken their own lives, or who just wanted to escape their lives and accidentally passed. This is because I also suffer from clinical depression and the many variables that go along with that.

Therefore, I naturally understand how they felt–the desperation, the hopelessness, and most of all, the lonliness. The Spirits can feel my aura of safety, understanding, honesty, and love–and that my intentions are only for the Greatest and Highest Good for all those involved–and so have particularly drawn you to me.

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